Robolve is a tower deffense where you have to resist against robots that can learn and evolve (Rob-olve hehehe) depending on your type of defenses and every stat of the robot is represented in some way in its looking (e.g. robots with lots of HP, are fat).

You can read a more detailed explanation of the game in the github's readme file:

And for playing it:

Sorry, I didn't have time to see how to compile for windows from cocos2d-x so use the browser version instead.

The art of the game is very chaotic because I intend the game to be of a style similar to Tron, so I made the deffenses glow and all, but I didn't finished the robots so they are just bad-looking placeholders robots, and the map is from opengameart, and the buttons... well, that has no excuse.

Oh I almost forgot, if you are going to play after winning/loosing, it is better if you restart the game / reload the page because it's still quite buggy if you don't do that.

Install instructions

  1. For Linux: Unzip and run the binary file (grant run permissions if needed)
  2. For Android: Install apk and launch
  3. For Web: Just enter


Linux Zip 64 bits
Android APK (for 4.4 or greater)

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